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Weapon Mastery is essentially the level of experience a Humanoid Character has with a particular weapon. It is boosted by attacking, counterattacking, and using Weapon Skills. Monsters don't have Weapon Mastery. Instead, they all have their own class-specific Skills and instead of the Weapon Mastery stat boost, their stat boost is based on their character level. Weapon Mastery caps at level 255.

Weapon Proficiency

Weapon Proficiency, often called Weapon Aptitude, is the ability for a character to learn to use a particular weapon. For example, Fist Proficiency is the rate at which a character gains Fist Experience. The higher the Proficiency, the faster the Weapon Experience is gained. In-game, Weapon Proficiency is represented by a letter (i.e., S, A, B, C, D, or E), but there is quite a bit more to it. There's a hidden number associated with the each letter displayed (e.g., B could be 18). In fact, each letter has a range of possible numbers it could represent; the letter is basically just a generalization of a character's Weapon Proficiency. This is very similar to the grading system seen in many educations systems around the world, where a letter such as A could be 95%, 96%, etc. Here are the number ranges associated with each letter:

  • E: 2-4
  • D: 5-9
  • C: 10-14
  • B: 15-19
  • A: 20-24
  • S: 25-30

A single value is usually referred to as something like B-18 or S-27. These values are used to calculate Experience boosts for Weapon Mastery and Weapon Skill Mastery. The exact values for a given character can be found on its respective page (e.g., Male Fighter). Also, while equipped, Weapon Scrolls set Weapon Proficiency for a particular weapon to A-20, the lowest of the A range. Note: If a character already has higher than A-20, it will be lowered to A-20 by equipping a Weapon Scroll.

The Armsmaster Specialist increases Weapon Exp gain by 1% per level, up to a maximum of +1900%. However, the exact formula can be a little complicated, so see the Formulas page for more info.

Benefits of Weapon Mastery

The most obvious effect of increasing a character's Weapon Mastery is that he/she learns new Weapon Skills (e.g., Fist Skills or Sword Skills). Here are the Weapon Mastery levels associated with when each new Weapon Skill is learned:

Level Learned Fist Sword Spear Bow Gun Axe
Level 1 Triple Strike Blade Rush Impaler Poison Blast Tri-Burst Boulder Crush
Level 3 Tiger Charge Hurricane Slash Lightning Spear Raiden Missile Gaia Blast Colossal Fissure
Level 6 Lion's Roar Moon Slash Asteroid Drop Delta Split Proximal Shot Boomerang Axe
Level 10 King of Beasts Winged Slayer Turbulence Zielregen Shooting Stars Violent Storm
Level 15 Rising Dragon Dark X Slash Divine Strike Doppelganger Totenkreuz Graviton Flare
Level 21 Big Bang Dimension Slash Spear Storm Omega Comet Inferno Calamity Drive

In addition to Weapon Skills, characters also get the benefit of getting a larger stat boost from their item, depending on the their Weapon Mastery level; each level causes the character to gain an additional 5% of the stats of the item, up to a maximum of +1275%. Note: There are other multipliers involved, such as Aptitudes, Lovers and Rarity Matching. Since Monsters don't benefit from Weapon Mastery, they have a separate multiplier based on their character level, which caps at +1399%, just a little higher than the Weapon Mastery multiplier.


Staves aren't accompanied by Skills like the other Humanoid weapons are, but they can increase the damage of Spells by up to +100%. They also have other benefits involving Spells that are related to Weapon Mastery, such as improving the Range and Area of Effect of Spells.

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