Vassals (Disgaea HoD)

"Vassal" is a universal term in the Disgaea universe meaning "servant" or in harsher terms, "slave."

In Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and it's remakes, Laharl's vassals are actually servants of King Krichevskoy who retained their service with Laharl since he is the heir to the throne.

In the game, they serve as NPCs in the Overlord's Castle in both normal and Etna modes, serving as hint-givers and humor sources. In Chapter Six, they appear in the penultimate map as Neutral characters that defeat the enemies that Laharl's team imply cannot.

In the PSP and DS versions' stage "Demonhall Mirror," the vassals are actually the first enemies in this random stage that Laharl fights. (Although they are given random names, whilst the ones in the castle have their names pre-determined, meaning that they are not the true vassals, but may in fact be doubles or clones of them.)

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