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Tink - Dirty Frog
Tink Big (Disgaea 2).jpg
Age 15
Gender Male
Character Type Monster

Tink is one of Disgaea 2's playable characters and is the childhood companion of Rozalin. While Tink may look like your average demonic frog with an exaggerated French accent, he is really a young and suave demon who was morphed into a frog by an unknown enemy sometime after Rozalin was summoned. Throughout the story, Tink is constantly on the receiving end of thrashings, explosions, and flutes. On the other hand, Tink also constantly insults Adell and makes advances on just about every female character in the game.

Tink is notoriously lecherous, rude, calculative, cowardly and protective of Rozalin. Tink also has somewhat of a split personalty: When Tink turns red, he has a voracious sexual appetite, is obnoxious, and is provoked easily. When Tink is blue, he has a voracious sexual appetite, is slightly less obnoxious, and is more level headed. When he changes into his red form, the words "Drak-Tink-Mahalak" will turn him blue and calm him down. Tink also schemes of ways to either nix Adell or get him away from Rozalin when they first meet. After awhile though, he just settles on using Adell for the butt of his jokes and insults.

In battle Tink is... unusual. He can switch between his cowardly and perverted forms, each giving him a special inherent ability. While blue, Tink gains +2 movement; while red he gains a stat boost from female humanoids that are next to him. Tink has good Movement, Jump, SP, Speed and Hit, although his special attacks tend to be more humorous than function, they can deal heavy hits when Tink is "pimping out" in his red form. His most unusual special attack is one that allows Tink to make himself explode. While this may sound amusing and powerful, that's because it is. The attack also does not count as an ally kill, so you may detonate him as much as you please and as long as you keep up with his hospital bills. A common way to use Tink (while red) is to surround him with Beastmasters armed with Spears or Bows. Not only is Tink getting a huge stat bonus because the Beastmasters are lovely ladies, but each Beastmaster is also boosting his stats because of her inherent ability! This seriously makes Tink into a one frog, sexually charged, killing machine.

Tink's uses in battle do not stop there, as he can be used to zip onto exit panels in Item World quickly. Tink's base movement is five, and while in his blue form it shoots up to seven. In addition, Tink can move through units and is hard to hit, thanks to his high Speed. Many players will also equip Tink with several pairs of Shoes to maximize his movability and make clearing item world a breeze. So, while Tink may look like a comical horny little frog, he actually has a wide range of uses that no other character possesses.

[edit] General Data

Special Abilities: Blue: MV +2. Red: +20% stat boost from each adjacent ally female
Lover Bonus: Blue: +1 MV per 10 Lover levels. Red: +1% per Lover level
Recruitment: Automatically joins after Episode 2-2 (Sanction Room).

Counter: 2
Move: 5
Jump: 25
EXP Rate: 3
Magichange: Spear

Basic Stats & Aptitudes
16 12 14 8 6 10 12 16
100% 120% 110% 90% 80% 100% 120% 130%
Capability Mana Costs
Good-for-not. Incompetent Average Skilled Distinguished Genius
1 10 50 200 1000 5000

[edit] Skills

Skill NameLevel LearnedBase SP CostStats/ElementsEffectsPowerHeight ToleranceAttack Zone
Kero Change! 1 1 None Switches between Blue/Red Tink N/A 12Up, 12Dn
Sonic Roll 6 18 ATK None 110% 12Up, 12Dn
Nail Bat 18 46 ATK Amnesia 30% 130% 24Up, 24Dn
Goodbye Tink* 36 99 ATK Sacrifice Life 160% 18Up, 18Dn
Magichange : Gutsy Tink  ? 46 ATK  ? 140%  ?
Magichange : Grand Slam  ? 46 ATK  ? 270%  ?

* Goodbye Tink does not count as an ally kill.

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