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Specialists reside in items and usually provide additional bonuses to the character and/or item on which they are located, though they are known to have other effects.


[edit] Specialist Overview

When you look at an item, you'll probably see specialists (or innocents) residing inside. Each one will start out unsubdued (with a red angry face), and a number, which indicates its effect level. As you go through the Item World of that particular item, you'll occasionally encounter an unsubdued specialist. If you do, at the beginning of the stage, the game will point out the specialist with a "Check!", just like what happens with Item Bosses. As an enemy, its level will be similar to those of the other enemies on the floor, and have nothing to do with its effect level displayed out of battle.

When you kill a specialist in Item World, it will become subdued. If something else killed it (e.g., an enemy, poison, or a Geo chain) or you just left early, it will not be subdued, but may appear on a later floor. When a specialist is subdued, its icon turns to a yellow smiley face and its effect level doubles. It can now also be moved to other items via the Item Worlder.

Besides subduing a specialist, you can increase its effect level by combining it with other specialists of the same type. To combine specialists of the same type, you must first make sure they are in the same item. If they aren't, you may have to move them (Note: You can't move unsubdued specialists). Then, talk to the Item Worlder and select the "Combine Specialists" option. Now, select the item whose residents you want to combine. You will be asked if you would like to combine residents of the same job. If you press X to say "Yes", all specialists of the same type will be combined, and their effect levels will stack. For example, if there were three Gladiators inside the item and they are of levels 5, 10, and 12, then they would become one single Gladiator specialist of level 27. Note that if you combine a subdued specialist with an unsubdued specialist, the result will be an unsubdued specialist, but the value of the subdued specialist will have been automatically halved before the merge to prevent any exploits.

Each specialist type has an effect cap, which indicates the maximum effective level from which you can benefit. Although it doesn't happen often, if a specialist's level exceeds its effect cap, the extra levels will have no effect. If you have multiple specialists of the same type, whether it be across multiple items or on just one, those extra levels will stack together, but it won't make them have any more effect than what the cap allows. For example, having a level 58 Professional on your armor and another level 73 Professional on your weapon will only net you the effect of a level 100 Professional because effect cap for Professionals is 100.

Stat boosting specialists are different in that they don't have an effect cap, so you can always benefit from having more. However, each one has a hard cap, which makes it so the specialist's actual value cannot exceed 19998. Ideally, you should have many level 19998 stat boosting specialists.

[edit] Specialist List

Specialist Name Hard Cap Effect
Dietician 19998 Increases HP
Master 19998 Increases SP
Gladiator 19998 Increases ATK
Sentry 19998 Increases DEF
Tutor 19998 Increases INT
Physician 19998 Increases RES
Marksman 19998 Increases HIT
Coach 19998 Increases SPD
Muscleman 19998 Increases ATK & HP
Hard Worker 19998 Increases ATK & INT
Sniper 19998 Increases ATK & HIT
Sprinter 19998 Increases ATK & SPD
Patient 19998 Increases DEF & RES
Nerd 19998 Increases INT & SP
Specialist Name Effect Cap Effect
Aeronaut 100 Increases Wind Affinity
Cryophile 100 Increases Ice Affinity
Firefighter 100 Increases Fire Affinity
Alchemist 100 Adds poison effect to attacks (1% chance per level)
Amnesiac 100 Adds amnesia effect to attacks (1% chance per level)
Gangster 100 Adds deprave effect to attacks (1% chance per level)
Hypnotist 100 Adds sleep effect to attacks (1% chance per level)
Witch Doctor 100 Adds paralyze effect to attacks (1% chance per level)
Coffee Maker 100 Adds sleep resistance (1% chance per level)
Medicine Man 100 Adds paralysis resistance (1% chance per level)
Psychologist 100 Adds amnesia resistance (1% chance per level)
Pharmacist 100 Adds poison resistance (1% chance per level)
Social Worker 100 Adds deprave resistance (1% chance per level)
Manager 300 Increases Mana gained from enemies by 1% per level
Broker 300 Increases HL gained from enemies by 1% per level
Mentor 300 Increases skill experience gained by 1% per level
Armsmaster 1900 Increases weapon experience gained by 1% per level
Professional 100 Increases critical hit chance by 1% per level
Collector 100 Increases item's rarity by 1 per level (used commonly for Rarity Matching)
Mediator 100 Used for creation of dual-stat specialists
Teacher 100 Boosts the level of another specialist by 5%
Bailiff --- The Dark Court appears on the floor equal to the Bailiff's level. Only one Bailiff can be on an item at a time.
[Class] Lover 25 Boosts the stats and inherent abilities of the character by 1% per level. Note: Lovers only work for [Class].

[edit] Mediator

As mentioned, Mediators allow you to make dual-stat specialists, which basically boost two stats at once, instead of just one. To create a dual-stat specialist, the Mediator and two other specialists must be present in the item. If and when you reach Innocent Town in that item, there's a chance that the Mediator will "wed" two random specialists and create a new specialist. The result is pretty random, sometimes a dual-stat specialist and other times the same type as one of the parents. The effect level of the specialist depends on the Rank of the item in which it was created (the higher the better) and has nothing to do with the levels of the parents or the Mediator specialist. The chance for the event to happen is equal to the effect level of the Mediator itself.

Additional Notes:

  • You must leave one free specialist slot for the new specialist to appear.
  • Dual-stat specialists do not have a permanent effect on an item's stats when Item Bosses are killed. For more information on what that means, visit the Formulas page.
  • Mediators can appear on common, rare, and legendary items, but the item's rarity doesn't affect the wedding event.

[edit] Teacher

As mentioned above, Teachers boost the level of another specialist by 5%. To do this, the Teacher and another specialist must be present in the item. If and when you reach Innocent Town in that item, there's a chance that the Teacher will "teach" a random specialist, boosting its effect level by 5%. The chance for the event to happen is equal to the effect level of the Teacher itself.

Additional Notes:

  • You do not need a free specialist slot as you do with Mediators.
  • Teachers can only appear on legendary items, but the item's rarity doesn't affect the teaching event.

[edit] Lovers

Lovers are undoubtedly one of the most important types of specialists in the game. There are 46 different Lover types in all, each with different effects.

When a character has worn a piece of equipment for 35 or more completed battles without removing it, a Lover for that class or character has a chance to spawn on the item, but it may take more than 100 battles before one does. If a Lover has not spawned on the item, unequipping it will result in the battle count resetting to 0, so make sure that if you're trying to farm Lovers that you actually leave the equipment on your character the entire time. Also, skipping floors in Item World does not contribute to the battle count, but clearing them does. You must remember that the character has to be present at the end of the battle for it to count.

When a Lover spawns, it will be an unsubdued specialist. Subduing it in Item World will double its value, making it give twice the boost. The level of the Lover is dependent upon the Rarity of the item that it spawned on. For normal items (Rarity 32-255), the Lover will always be level 1; for rare items (Rarity 8-31), the Lover will always be level 2; and for legendary items (Rarity 0-7), the Lover will always be level 3.

The name of the Lover will always be based on the class of the character whose equipment it spawned on. For example, a Lover that spawns on a Male Fighter's legendary Excalibur would be level 3 and titled "Male Fighter Lover". If a Lover spawned on a unique character, its name would be based off not their class, but their name. For example, a Lover that spawns on Adell's equipment would be named "Adell Lover", not "Demon Hunter Lover" or one of his other possible titles.

Lovers give two distinct bonuses, one that modifies the Inherent Special Abilities of a character, and another that boosts the stats of the character by 1% per level of the Lover. Exceptions are Rifle Demons, Undead, and Marionettes, who get a 1.25% boost to their stats per level of the Lover, while they don't get any boost to their Special Abilities. Majins only get the normal stat boost, and no boost to their Special Abilities. Lovers only give a bonus to the class or character for whom they were created. This means that a "Male Fighter Lover" would give a boost to any character of the Male Fighter class, but not to any other. An Adell Lover would give boosts only to Adell.

One thing important to know about Lovers is that when you encounter the Lover of a unique character in Item World, it will essentially be a clone of the unique character for whom it was spawned, meaning that it will have the exact same current level, stats, and equipment of the character from whom it spawned. This means that if you spawn a Lover at level 100, but you encountered it when you were level 200, it would also be level 200.

Once an item has spawned a Lover, it can never spawn one again, no matter who it's for. Also, Lovers can never spawn on any items lower than Rank 5, probably to prevent you from becoming too overpowered early on.

To speed up Lover farming, the best thing to do is to equip your characters with all legendary equipment (three accessories and one weapon). And for generic classes, you can have multiple characters of the same class ALL equipping legendary equipment. It's recommended that you farm Lovers while either powerleveling in something like the Land of Carnage version of Cave of Ordeals 4, or by doing Stage 1-2, Reflection Pond where you only have to toss a Prinny and the map is cleared.

It is important to know that if you spawn a Lover on an item that has been completely finished (you cleared the last Floor), you will be unable to enter it again, so you can't subdue the Lover, which means that it's stuck there forever.

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