Multiple Endings for Hour of Darkness

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness has eight different endings. These are as follows.

Of course, this section contains spoilers.


[edit] Good Ending

In order to achieve this, the player must finish the game with no ally kills - in other words, none of your characters have ever killed another of your characters. Accidental death by Geo Chain will not count, but exploding Prinnies will.

[edit] Bad Ending

You must have at least one ally kill. Other endings will supersede this.

[edit] Alternate Ending I

Finish the game with at least one ally kill, having defeated an Item God 1 from any legendary item.

[edit] Alternate Ending II

Complete the game with one or more ally kills, having passed over a hundred bills by force within the Dark Assembly. This will supersede both the bad ending and the first alternate ending.

[edit] Human World Ending

Complete the Human World sidequest. To unlock this, pass the bill through the Dark Assembly, after completing the Human World chapters. Since this ending takes the ending on a completely different path, and does not include completing the main storyline dungeons, the question of superseding is irrelevant.

[edit] Flonne Ending

To achieve this ending, you must have at least fifty ally kills before the end of Chapter 3. In this ending, Laharl kills both Hoggmeiser and Flonne. The game does not continue.

[edit] Etna Ending

To achieve this ending, you must have at least one hundred ally kills before the end of chapter five, and choose to follow the dark side (the option will not appear without the ally murders). Again, the game will not continue.

[edit] Midboss Ending

A non-standard game over. Lose to Midboss at any point. He will remark that "this is not as I had expected!" but happily accept the Netherworld Throne.

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