Land of Carnage (Disgaea 2)

The Land of Carnage is an optional area that can be used for powerleveling as well as receiving three (Six if playing the "Dark Hero Days" adaption) party members to join your army.

In order to get here you must gain 16 Treasure Maps that only be obtained by defeating or stealing them from Pirates in the Item World. Once they have been obtained, look for Hawkeye the Collector in Holt Village. (He will be standing to the right of the Orc spinning around on the eastern area of Adell's house, or by the docks in the Land of Carnage, near the position you arrived there in.) Talk to him to gain entrance to the Land of Carnage, or to return to Holt if already there.

In the Land of Carnage, all enemies' levels are boosted by 255%+10% per "Stronger Enemies" proposal passed. This is great way to fight stronger enemies or to play tougher versions of stages from the main story.

The Item World can also be accessed in this area, but it has it's own tweaks. In this version, a remix of "Sinful Rose" plays in the background. (This can be modified in "DHD.") In this version, the enemies may have Geo Effects confined into them. This means that if they move, all of the panels they step on will gain their effect, and overwrite any others. (Example: A Golem is given the "ATK +50% Effect. All other panels have "Critical" Effects. The Golem moves three spaces. Those three spaces now have the "ATK +50% Effect, cancelling out the "Critical" effect for those panels only.)

This Item World also had it's own Pirates that cannot be found in Holt. Prinny Baal can appear in the Item World as a Pirate along with 4 clones of the original Baal only fi defeated in the Land's version of his stage. If the player defeats him and his clones in the Item World, he will appear once again in another encounter. If defeated one more time, Adell will receive the "Lord Master" title,

In this area, you can recruit 3 (Or 6 in "DHD") members for your party. Note that you can only have all six members in your party at the same time after completing the story map 13-3, "Final Decision." Note that for the "DHD"-specific members, if Axel is not recruitable, they will not be recruitable either.

Axel-Can be recruited during episodes 2, 5, 10, and after map 13-3.

Fubuki-After completing map 13-3.

Kurtis-Can be recruited anytime.

Saber Pink ("DHD" Only): Can only recruited if Axel can also be recruited.

Actress ("DHD" Only): Can only re recruited if Axel can also be recruited.

Main Hero B ("DHD" Only): Can only be recruited if Axel can also be recruited.

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