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Kurtis - Defenter
Kurtis Big (Disgaea 2).jpg
Age  ?
Gender Male
Character Type Monster

Kurtis or "Prinny Kurtis" is a "Defender of Earth" and will help whenever he is called on. While in Disgaea 2 he takes the form of a green prinny, Kurtis was originally a cybernetic scientist under the command of General Carter. He became a cyborg after a traumatic experience destroyed most of his body and killed both his wife and daughter. This experience shaped Kurtis' mind and he developed an extreme definition of what a "Defender of Earth" should be; someone who can stop a disaster before it occurs. Naturally, he saw the current "Defender of Earth", Gordon, as incompetent and wished to take the title for himself. Yet, he realized the error of his ways after one of his battles with Gordon and forgives Gordon for his actions. Currently, Kurtis runs a cellphone rescue service as well as serving as a "Defender of Earth".

Kurtis is calculating, intelligent, sarcastic, and has a strong sense of justice. He'll help anyone anywhere, whether they be human or demon. He also deeply loving of his family and will do all can to repent for his former deeds to see them once again.

Kurtis, like many unique characters, is a strong fighter. He has high HP, Attack, and Intelligence. His inherited ability reduces the damage he takes from higher level units, which works nicely since that is normally the case when Kurtis is summoned. Despite being a prinny, Kurtis retained two of his Cybernetic special moves and uses the final Prinny special move, 'Pringer Beam'. Kurtis will explode when thrown after being summoned to battle using a cellphone, but he will not when he is a member of your party.

[edit] General Data

Special Abilities: 50% less damage from higher level opponents
Lover Bonus: +1% per Lover level
Recruitment: Anytime in the Land of Carnage. You can only use him in the Land of Carnage.

Counter: 2
Move: 5
Jump: 15
EXP Rate: 5

Basic Stats & Aptitudes
24 10 16 10 16 10 12 14
120% 80% 120% 90% 120% 100% 100% 110%
Capability Mana Costs
Good-for-not. Incompetent Average Skilled Distinguished Genius
1 10 50 200 1000 5000

[edit] Skills

Skill NameLevel LearnedBase SP CostStats/ElementsEffectsPowerHeight ToleranceAttack Zone
Nuclear Fusion 5 65 ATK
None 110% 18Up, 12Dn
Final Punch 25 120 ATK None 130% 15Up, 15Dn
[B][>]      [1]
Pringer Beam 35 250 ATK
None 160% 24Up, 12Dn
Magichange : Double Rocket  ? 46 ATK  ? 140%  ?
Magichange : Accelerate  ? 46 ATK  ? 200%  ?

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