King Krichevskoy

King Krichevskoy is the previous Overlord of the Netherworld. His death, before the beginning of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is the catalyst for his son, Laharl's, quest to rule the Netherworld.

[edit] History

(This section will contain spoilers)

A demon, Krichevskoy is unusual in that he married a human witch, sent to the Netherworld to study. After her death by giving her life to the prince to cure him, Laharl began to reject the idea of love - something Krichevskoy later decided to fix.

Krichevskoy appears to have been less blinkered in his approach towards humans, angels and even other demons, ignoring the stereotypical ideas that angels must be good while demons are always evil. This attitude gained him a great amount of loyalty and respect within the Netherworld, particularly from the vassal, Etna. During Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Etna is seen taking a portrait of the King from the home of a vassal who had stolen many items from the palace. Later, it is revealed that the theft of her memories of him are the trigger for her betrayal of Laharl (although, happily, she turns this around to defeat her blackmailer).

Later still, it is revealed that Krichevskoy is actually Vyers, an recurring opponent renamed Midboss by Laharl. There are numerous hints to this. Among other things, Vyers has a laugh identical to Laharl's, a similar appearance to Krichevskoy, and often talks as if he opposes Laharl for his own good (which is actually the case).

It is also revealed that the idea of sending Flonne to meet Laharl was something cooked up by Krichevskoy and Master Lamington, the Seraph of Celestia. Whether this plan succeeds depends on which of the eight endings the player achieves.

Krichevskoy is last seen ascending to the next life, hand in hand with Laharl's mother.

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