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Item World is an alternate dimension deep within every object demons create. Even the simplest piece of candy has a land filled with demons, traps, pirates, and most importantly, treasure. Every floor you clear makes the item stronger and more resilient. As the item gets more power, so does the enemies.

Every ten floors, the area is inhabited by the richest and most powerful demon; the item tyrant. Each item tyrant is decked out in powerful gear, is several levels above the rest of the floor enemies, and has a distinct title, depending on the floor it inhabits. The possible titles are: Item General, Item King, and Item God. Item Generals appear on floors 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, and 80. Item Kings reign on floors 30, 60, and 90. Item Gods live on floor 100. There is also an Item God 2, which appears on the 100th floor of Rank 40 items and is doubly as powerful. By killing an item tyrant, the parameters of the item raise considerably.

Not every item has the same number of floors, normal items only have 30 floors, rare items have 60, and legendary items hold 100 floors. Every floor cleared will result in the item gaining a level, which makes it more powerful. Although you can't increase the number of floors, you can get bonus levels through the use of mystery gates, as detailed later.

At the end of every 10 floors, there is a random chance that you will be given the option to enter Innocent Town. Innocent Town is a special floor where there are no battles to be fought. Instead, you can recover, return to Holt Village (or the Land of Carnage), and even power up the item in the Item Assembly by speaking to the resident Chicken (Roc), but he does not always appear.

In addition to this, there are a few extra things to do. Sometimes Innocent Town may hold Axel or a Prinny. If you find and talk to these characters several times (five for Axel and ten for the Prinny), the demon gives you an item.

[edit] Mystery Gates

Mystery gates are surprises dotted throughout an item world. They may have shops, treasure, or ambushes from predatory demons; although the exact nature of a mystery gate is just that, a mystery, since the contents inside is completely random. Mystery gates are also a handy stopping point where you can equip newly found items and rearrange your item bag.

Many of the inhabitants of Mystery Gates are friendly merchants willing to sell visitors items and services not normally found in the other RosenQueen Branches. Unlike other Netherworld branches, Item World merchants are known for their hot temper; by talking to the merchant several times, the demon will get fed up and fight you.

Demon Class Level Title Specialty
Archer 5000 Department Store Girl None
Mage 3000 Potion Shop Owner Sells Mana Potions
Zombie 1500 Black Marketeer Sells Bribery
Puppet 800 Peddler Sells high level weapons and armor
Prinny 500 Cellphone Shop Sells Cellphones
Sinner 1800 RosenQueen Dojo Sells Weapon Mastery Scrolls
Wiseman* 1000 Fortune Teller Randomly raises or lowers an item's level
Succubus 1200 Rip Off Bar Raises the Bonus Gauge
Nekomata 800 Elbacky Succubus' helper
Alraune 800 Alraune Succubus' helper
Succubus 800 Succubus Succubus' helper
Dragon** 1000 Painter Changes color of 1 character

* The fortune teller, Succubus, and Department Store Girl can all be engaged by talking to them 4 times. If you defeat them, the level of the item will be increased by 3 levels.

** Only appears in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. He will only change the color, not the tier of the character. You can only choose the colors from unlocked tiers.

Some mystery gates have treasure hidden inside, although it may be guarded by monsters. Other mystery gates may have monsters willing to fight any intruders.

Items Monsters Level Compared to Floor Room Purpose/Goal/Contents
One legendary chest Dragon Higher Must fight the dragon in order to retrieve the legendary item.
None Seven demons Leader (Higher level) Subordinates (Similar level) If you defeat the enemies within two rounds, the item will get three bonus levels.
Normal Chest None N/A Three treasure chests.
Rare Chest Orc Pirates N/A Two rare treasure chests and several friendly orc pirates.
Legendary Chest Lone Hunter N/A One legendary treasure chest. The hunter does not fight.

Some Inhabitants have other uses, such as hospitals.

Demon Type Level Title Specialty
Ghost 1000 Space-Time Ferryman Sends you back into Item World or Holt Village
Alraune 1000 Medical Orderly Hospital
Varies Varies Collector Innocent

[edit] Pirates

Sometimes, you may find yourself face to face with pirates; special enemies that arrive during the first three rounds (usually) of a battle in Item World. These pirates are stronger than the other monsters on the level and may even have treasure chests on their ship. More importantly, they hold a piece of a Treasure Map. Once you collect the sixteen pieces, you can get into the Land of Carnage.

There are several different types of pirates, but some can not be found until you're on a high enough floor; they are the following:

Pirate Name Level Found Comes With
Ambling Pirates 1+ 1 High Level Sinner, appears frequently
Dancing Pirates 1+ 1 Archer and up to 2 Unsubdued Specialists(1)
Bashful Pirates 1+ 1 of each Element Skull, 1 Prism Skull
Chicken Pirates 1+ 1 Roc, comes with 6 Legendary/Rare chests
Prinny Pirates 1+ 1 Prinny
Orc Pirates 1+ 5 Orc
Animal Pirates 21+ 4 Mystic Beasts, 1 Beastmaster
Gate Pirates 21+ 2 Dragon, 1 Holy Dragon, comes with 2 Gates on board (2)
Hunter Pirates 21+ 1 Knight, comes with 4 Unsubdued Specialists*
Jolly Pirates 21+ 2 Felynn, 2 Flora Beast, 1 Succubus
Monk Pirates 21+ 5 Geomancer
Wealthy Pirates 21+ 1 Rune Knight, has all Legendary Items
Ninja Pirates 41+ 1 Kunoichi, 10 Ninja
Prism Pirates 41+ 5 Prism Rangers
Red Pirates 41+ 1 Wood Golem, 1 Spirit, 1 Rifle Demon, 1 Dragon, 1 Aqua Demon, 1 Mystic Beast, 1 Undead(3)
Z Pirates 61+ 1 High Level Majin
  • 1. The unsubdued specialists will be first those that came with your item. If you've subdued all specialists in your item, and you have extra POP, it will come with random specialists, not surpassing the maximum POP level of your item.
  • 2. Comes with a Yellow Mystery Gate and a special Red Mystery Gate. The Yellow acts as a normal Mystery Gate, where the Red acts as a special Dimensional gate that warps you up to the next 10th floor (I.E., if you were on floor 61, you would teleport up to floor 70).
  • 3. All pirates are wearing shoes in all three slots.

Also, there are two more specific types of pirates which do not hold a piece of the treasure map. They only appear on floors 91 to 99 of a rank 40 item in the Land of Carnage. They are:

Pirate Name Level Found Comes With
Baal Pirates 91+ 4 Baal, Only Appears after you Open the Land of Carnage
Prinny Baal Pirates 91+ Takes place of Prinny Pirates, Defeating grants Adell the title "Lord Master" and raises Prinny Baal's stats by 3x in the Land of Carnage.

In Dark Hero Days, some types of pirates are more likely to appear in specific items:

Pirate Name Item type
Orc Pirates Weights
Prinny Pirates Guns
Prism Pirates Swords
Dancing Pirates Bows
Monk Pirates Staves
Hunter Pirates Armor
Animal Pirates Monster Weapons
Jolly Pirates Muscles
Ninja Pirates Fists
Gate Pirates Spears
Wealthy Pirates Legendary Items

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