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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
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Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: JP Nippon Ichi Software

NA Atlus USA
EU Koei

Release date: JP January 30, 2003

NA August 27, 2003
EU May 28, 2004

Genre: Tactical role-playing game
Game mode: Single Player
ESRB rating: Teen (T)
Platform: Playstation 2
Media: JP/EU 1 CD-ROM


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is the first game in the series. Developed and published by Nippon Ichi software, the game was released in Japan and North America in 2003, and was available in Europe by May 2004.

The game begins with Prince Laharl awakening from a two year nap. On awakening, he is told by his humble vassal Etna that his father, King Krichevskoy, has died, and Laharl's claim to the throne of the Netherworld has been forgotten. Thus Laharl sets out to destroy all those who would take his throne and become overlord of the Netherworld.


[edit] Gameplay

Disgaea is a strategy game, and the player must create an army of various characters in order to help in battle. Please note that it is theoretically possible to complete the game using only Story Characters, although this is not recommended.

Characters are created at the Dark Assembly. Another character must possess the required amount of Mana to create a new ally.

The created allies can be either humanoid characters or monsters. Humanoids are unlocked in a variety of ways - many are available immediately, while others have more stringent requirements. Monster Characters are available once you have defeated them, and the price to create them lowers with each subsequent kill. However, after a certain point, the mana requirement will not lower any further. The costs are generally in line with those for Humanoid Allies.

[edit] Story Walkthrough

[edit] Characters

Humanoid Characters

Monster Characters

Unique Characters

[edit] Items




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