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Character Creation is the action of creating a new generic Character in the Dark Assembly, using the Mana of a character you already have. The cost may vary depending on the new character's class and capability.

[edit] How It's Done

To create a new character, you must first speak to one of the Dark Secretaries to access the Dark Assembly. Then you must select a character who will be expending his/her own Mana to create the new ally. When you're finished, the creator will become the "Master" and the creation will become the "Student". This Master-Student Relationship has several benefits, including Extra Gain and a 20% increased Team Attack Chance (Table, Calculator).

Now, you must select the character to be created from a list of classes available. There are 17 total generic Humanoid classes and 17 generic Monster classes in the entire game, each with 6 "tiers". Early on, you'll only have a few classes and only the first tier unlocked. Higher tiers are generally much stronger than lower tiers, having higher Basic Stats, Aptitudes, and Weapon Proficiencies. Select the character you think is best suited for the environment in which you'll be placing it.

The next step involves choosing the "Capability" of your character. A Character created with a higher Capability will have a higher "Ability Bonus" which translates to "bonus points" which are spent on stats before the character is created. The six levels of Capability are: Good-for-nothing, Incompetent, Average, Skilled, Distinguished, and Genius. Here are the amounts of base bonus points you get for each Capability.

Capability Base Bonus Points
Good-for-nothing -5
Incompetent 1
Average 3
Skilled 6
Distinguished 8
Genius 10

Characters of higher Capability require substantially more Mana to create, but it definitely pays off later on. Creating Distinguished or Genius characters requires the approval of the Dark Assembly, so if your standing isn't too great with them, don't try this because it might be rejected and all your Mana will be wasted. Select the Capability that won't cost you too much Mana, but also won't result in an "accident" character that you end up deleting because it's too weak to hold its own.

Note: Later on, it's okay to create low-Capability characters, as long as you have the Mana to Reincarnate them into higher Capabilities.

Next, you must choose the name of your character. It can be a maximum length of fifteen symbols long, or as big as the box. Use the D-Pad or Analog Stick to navigate across the makeshift keyboard. Use the X Button to select a symbol for the currently highlighted part of the box at the top of the screen. If no part of the box is highlighted, the symbol will appear after the last one there. Enter whatever name you want. Here's what the keypad looks like so you can get an idea of the letters/symbols you can use in your character's name.

A  B  C  D  E    F  G  H  I  J    K  L  M  N  O
P  Q  R  S  T    U  V  W  X  Y    Z
a  b  c  d  e    f  g  h  i  j    k  l  m  n  o
p  q  r  s  t    u  v  w  x  y    z
0  1  2  3  4    5  6  7  8  9    +  -  !  ?  %
&  <3 .  •  /    ~  (  )  <  >

Now you must distribute the bonus points to the Basic Stats of your character. The current amount of bonus points left to allocate is located in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you chose Good-for-nothing, you'll have negative bonus points which means you'll have to subtract from the stats of your character. If you chose a higher Capability, you get to add bonus points to your stats so that they will be initially larger at level one.

Finally, this screen displays everything about your character if you were to create it right now. Pressing the Square Button will cause the view to change slightly. If you press the Circle Button and then promptly the X Button again, your character's stats and elemental affinities will be slightly different than they were before. This is due to randomization. You can do it as many times as you want for different results. The stats' randomization pattern will follow this formula.

Level 1 Stat = [Trunc(Base * 0.94)] ~ [Trunc(Base * 1.06)]

Trunc = Truncate function; remove decimal.
Base = Stat you went with from the Bonus Point allocation screen.

The tilde (~) represents that the Level 1 Stat can be any integer between both
parts of the equation separated by that symbol.

You can use this randomization to your advantage to get higher stats, or particular elemental affinities. Note that one Affinity will always be 50%, another will be 0%, and the other will be -50%. You can only use randomization to change which one has which value. Also note that the first tier of the Dragon Zombie class sometimes has all affinities at 0%.

After all that, pressing the X Button will finish the creation of your character. Then you can do whatever you like with it.

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