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Axel - Dark Hero
Axel Big (Disgaea 2).jpg
Age 2188
Gender Male
Character Type Humanoid

The Dark Hero Axel was a famous rock star-demon villain that traveled the cosmos to spread his mischievous ways from planet to planet. Needless to say, he was incredibility famous among demons and had all the money, fame, women, and parties he could ever desire. That is, until demons became bored of his act and moved on. Devastated, Axel tried and reclaim his former glory by doing anything that could get people's attention. Currently, he is hosting a travel show entitled "Tripping With Axel" as a way to spring board his career again. During one of his scenes, he attempts to spice up the show with some action and wow his audiences by taking on Adell and his allies. Needless to say, he is beaten and starts to form a grudge against the "wildman" Adell.

Axel is narcissistic, cowardly, energetic, musical, nostalgic, and has an assiduous need for attention. Not only is Axel Adel's rival, but he also gets the short end of the stick in many situations. Yet under his blunderings and outrageous stage persona beats the heart of a family loving demon. One of the reasons Axel is so persistent in gaining fame and fortune is to send the money back to his poor mother and younger siblings.

Despite his stats as a cowardly rival, Axel has good stats. His HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed are fairly good and he also has two counters. The rest of his stats are also average or fair, save his Intelligence. Like Adell, Axel chooses to fight with his Fists, though he can also use a Sword or Spear if needed. Unlike Adell, his Speed is slightly lower. (Only 110% Aptitude unlike Adell's 120%.) However, His inherited ability reduces the damage taken from humanoids, which can make him tough to take down, effectively making the Speed cost worth it. Axel's special attacks gives him much needed range and can attack many demons at once. Axel can also be summoned via Cellphone and when he does his "White Tiger" theme replaces the normal background music.

General Data

Special Abilities: 50% less damage from humanoids
Lover Bonus: +1% per Lover level
Recruitment: Be in Land of Carnage during Episode 3, 10, 11 or after Episode 13-4. You can only use him while in the Land of Carnage.

Counter: 2
Move: 5
Jump: 20
Throw: 5 Panels, 32dm
EXP Rate: 5

Basic Stats & Aptitudes
22 10 18 10 8 12 10 14
120% 90% 120% 120% 70% 110% 90% 110%
Weapon & Skill Proficiency
Fist Sword Spear Bow Gun Axe Staff
A - 24 B - 16 B - 16 D - 6 D - 6 D - 6 E - 3
Capability Mana Costs
Good-for-not. Incompetent Average Skilled Distinguished Genius
1 10 50 200 1000 5000


Skill NameLevel LearnedBase SP CostStats/ElementsEffectsPowerHeight ToleranceAttack Zone
Shocking Soul 5 15 ATK None 110% 12Up, 12Dn
My Heart Shakes 25 40 ATK None 130% 18Up, 24Dn
Love Dynamite 50 90 ATK None 150% 24Up, 24Dn

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