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Adell - Demon Hunter
Adell Big (Disgaea 2).jpg
Age 17
Gender Male
Character Type Humanoid

Adell is one of Disgaea 2’s main protagonists and is the last human left on his home planet of Veldime. Ever since Adell was a child, he aimed to train his body and will so that one day he will be able to defeat Overlord Zenon and restore everyone in Veldime back to their original human form. Adell also wishes to discover more about his biological parents. Unfortunately, his best hope for information is his adoptive mother and father, who since forgot most of their human lives when they were transformed into demons by Zenon's curse.

Adell is a proficient martial artist with a strong sense of purpose and determination. At the same time, Adell's quest consumes much of his time and energy, so much so that he'll take any hint or path that may get him closer to his goal. Adell has a hatred for demons and will only work with them if he absolutely has to. He also expects only the utmost honesty from everyone and disdains any lying. One of his quirks is that Adell does not like women and will avoid answering any questions pertaining to why he doesn't like them. Adell is quite headstrong and brash, eager to settle a fight with swift kicks and punches over thinking most of the time.

In battle, Adell is quite strong and more than capable at handling single and multiple threats. He has high HP, which is coupled with good Attack and Speed. In addition, Adell has good movement and throwing prowess. Most of his special attacks are powerful and affect several enemies at once, which complements Adell's favorite weapon; the Fist.

[edit] Additional Titles

In addition to Adell's default title, "Demon Hunter", he can receive these five. Each time he gets a new title, it will overwrite the old title.

  • Archer Guards - Obtained when Adell is charmed by Venus while attending a proposal in the Dark Assembly.
  • Lord Master - Obtained by killing the Prinny Baal Pirate.
  • Demon Lord - Obtained by defeating Etna in Episode 3, but it'll disappear right after, when you're forced to begin a New Game +.
  • Prism Black - Obtained by clearing Extra Stage 02, "Rangers' Return", unlocked via the "Return of the Prism Rangers" bill (requires you to be in Episodes 12-13).
  • Badass Overlord - Obtained by defeating Overlord Zetta.

[edit] General Data

Special Abilities: +25% damage to higher level opponents
Lover Bonus: +1% per Lover level
Recruitment: Always in your party

Counter: 1
Move: 5
Jump: 25
Throw: 5 Panels, 32dm
EXP Rate: 5

Basic Stats & Aptitudes
24 8 18 8 8 8 12 14
130% 100% 120% 100% 80% 80% 100% 120%
Weapon & Skill Proficiency
Fist Sword Spear Bow Gun Axe Staff
A - 24 B - 18 C - 14 D - 6 E - 3 C - 14 E - 3
Capability Mana Costs
Good-for-not. Incompetent Average Skilled Distinguished Genius
1 10 50 200 1000 5000

[edit] Skills

Skill NameLevel LearnedBase SP CostStats/ElementsEffectsPowerHeight ToleranceAttack Zone
Crimson Flame 5 18 ATK
None 110% 24Up, 24Dn
Soaring Fire 25 42 ATK
None 120% 18Up, 18Dn
[>]   [5][1][2]
Vulcan Blaze 50 80 ATK
None 170% 24Up, 24Dn

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