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Bows are unique Weapons in that their attack power is not solely determined by attack. Instead, the formula is (HIT/2)+(ATK/2).

Their skills are primarily multi-panel skills hitting multiple targets. The weapon's main quirk is that despite low damage potential, it can inflict a number of status ailments upon the enemy with it's Special Attacks, so a Bow-user will benefit from having Specialists that add Ailments to their attacks on their weapons.

The best bow users are Majins and Archers. In practise, you will probably only have the Archer use a bow regularly, although it is a good idea to have your first Cleric reach level 3 with one, in order to unlock the Archer class. This also makes it slightly easier to get your first few kills with a Cleric - enough to get him or her a mage/skull pupil, at least, after which they'll be able to learn their pupil's spells.

[edit] Humanoid Allies Weapon Ratings

S - Majin, Archer
A - Angels
B - Male Cleric, Female Cleric
D - Male Warrior, Female Warrior, Ninja, Ronin, Knight, Skulls (all levels), Mages (all levels), Scout
E - Male Brawler, Female Brawler, Recruit, Rogue

Final Forms

As you can see, only a few humanoid characters are better with bows when in their final forms.

S - Divine Majin (Majin), Freischutz (Archer)
A - Paladin (Angel)
B - Saviour (Male Cleric), Saviour (Female Cleric)
C - Shinobi (Ninja), Shogun (Ronin), Space Knight (Knight)
D - Cosmic Fist (Male Fighter), Cosmic Fist (Female Fighter), Lord (Scout), Space Marine (Recruit), Space Pirate (Rogue)
E - Eternal Fist (Male Brawler), Eternal Fist (Female Brawler)

[edit] Bow Skills

Having a character use a Bow will result in him/her learning the following skills when they reach the appropriate weapon levels.

Skill NameLevel LearnedBase SP CostStats/ElementsEffectsPowerHeight ToleranceAttack Zone
Poison Arrow 1 3 ATK & HIT Poison 150% 12Up, 12Dn
   [>]      [1]
Dark Flash 3 10 ATK & HIT Deprave 125% 12Up, 16Dn
   [>]   [1][2][3]
Delta Split 6 20 ATK & HIT Sleep 200% 14Up, 14Dn

   [>]   [1]

Sturmhimmel 10 32 ATK & HIT Paralyze 175% 14Up, 12Dn
         [>]   [1]
Zielregen 15 65 ATK & HIT
Forget 150% 12Up, 12Dn
         [2]   [3]
   [>]      [1]
         [4]   [5]
Doppelganger 20 100 ATK & HIT None 275% 15Up, 15Dn
Free Range: 4
[!]         [1]
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