Weapon Levels

As characters in Disgaea use their Weapons, their weapon levels increase. This results in stronger attacks with the weapon and also unlocks certain special moves. Characters have a rating based on how well they learn with the weapon - ranging from S to E - which affects how quickly their weapon levels rise. This letter indicates how many experience points the characters gains from each use of that weapon, within the following parameters;

  • S = 25-35 Points
  • A = 20-24 Points
  • B = 15-19 Points
  • C = 10-14 Points
  • D = 5- 9 Points
  • E = 1- 4 Points

In other words, two characters with the same letter ranking may gain weapon levels at slightly different speeds - compare Majin and Divine Majin, for instance. Or, a character with the same ranking in two weapons may gain weapon levels for each one at slightly different speeds - compare Male Brawler with a bow and a spear.

A character may also gain weapon levels at slightly different rates depending on whether he or she uses melee or magical attacks - Female Cleric's and their staffs, for instance.

It is usually best to have each ally use a weapon suited to their abilities.


[edit] Armsmasters

The rate at which a character's weapon level increases can be improved by putting Armsmasters onto the weapon. The cap on Armsmasters is 1900, which will effectively make a character earn weapon levels twenty times faster. You can stack more armsmasters after this point, but they will have absolutely no effect.

[edit] Unlockables

Certain things are unlocked through weapon levels - for instance, you can unlock the Archer class by raising another character's Bow level to 3, or the EDF class by raising another characters Guns level to 30. You can also gain the mythical spear Longinus by raising a character's Spears skill to 25 and speaking to Longinus in the castle hallway.

[edit] Staffs

Staves are somewhat unusual in that they do not unlock any special moves. Instead, staff level increases will increase magic power by 3%, up to a maximum of 200. Staff levels will also result in an improvement to the range and area of spells, up to a maximum of +4 to each, which is reached at level 16.

[edit] Note

Please note that much of this information only applies to Humanoid Allies - Monsters can only use monster weapons.

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