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Items are objects that can be used or equipped by your characters. Equippable items consist of Accessories and Weapons. Non-equipable items are all consumables (they go away when you use them) and they usually heal your characters, but some are known to have other effects.

[edit] Accessories

Accessories can be equipped on the three Accessory slots (below the first slot) on your character. They usually boost stats, but may have other effects, such as lowering your HP (Weights) or increasing the chance of Pirates appearing in Item World (Treasure Maps).

[edit] Weapons

Weapons are items used for attacking enemies. Each character can only equip one weapon at a time. Different weapons have different properties, such as range, critical hit chance, etc.

[edit] Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous items are all the items that can't be equipped. When you use them, they go away forever, but they are mostly easy to come by and some can even be bought in the General Store.

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