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Hanako - Adell's Sister
Hanako Big (Disgaea 2).jpg
Age 9
Gender Female
Character Type Monster

Hanako is Taro's younger sister and resident of Holt Village. While young, she has great aspirations to be a sexy demon lord like her idol, Etna. Yet for the time being, she settles on cooking and bugging Adell to take her out on adventures. Contrary to Adell's quest to lift Zenon's Curse and restore everyone back to their human form, Hanako actually likes being a demon.

Hanako is best described as a nine-year-old young Etna. She's arrogant and can be a pain most of the time. Despite being Taro's younger sister, she picks on him quite a bit and calls him "Tardo".

Hanako is armed with a magic cooking pot and provides a good amount of support skills in battle. She has good Speed and Intelligence, but very poor Defense. Yet, this is somewhat made up thanks to her inherent ability that reduces damage from monsters by 50%. She is generally regarded as a stat buffing character, thanks to her abilities. Hanako can even benefit from learning spells, albeit she has a short reach with them. Her final special attack is also surprisingly powerful and can trash the enemy's stats.

[edit] General Data

Special Abilities: 50% less damage from monsters
Lover Bonus: +1% per Lover level
Recruitment: Automatically joins after Episode 4-4 (Dragon's Mouth).

Counter: 0
Move: 5
Jump: 20
EXP Rate: 3
Magichange: Gun

Basic Stats & Aptitudes
14 12 12 8 14 10 12 14
90% 110% 100% 90% 120% 100% 110% 120%
Capability Mana Costs
Good-for-not. Incompetent Average Skilled Distinguished Genius
1 10 50 200 1000 5000

[edit] Skills

Skill NameLevel LearnedBase SP CostStats/ElementsEffectsPowerHeight ToleranceAttack Zone
Song of Hope 10 15 None HIT + 20%
SPD +20%
N/A 24Up, 24Dn
Song of Love 20 15 None ATK +20%
DEF +20%
N/A 24Up, 24Dn
Song of Courage 30 15 None INT +20%
RES +20%
N/A 24Up, 24Dn
Pretty Bazooka 40 50 ATK DEF -20%
RES -20%
SPD -20%
160% 12Up, 12Dn
 Linear Range: 5
[!]            [1]
Magichange: It's A Vase 10 15 None  ? 140%  ?

Magichange: Debris swarm 10 15 None  ? 170%  ?


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