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Dark World is an alternate planet that mirrors Veldime’s. Each story line stage (except the last one) has a Dark World counterpart that is accessed through fulfilling a condition in the normal stage (as detailed below). Dark world stages not only have stronger enemies, different enemies and a different geo stone layout, but each stage has the Dark Sun. The Dark Sun is an omnipotent being that rains down various powers on your party members. Only a handful of stages have beneficial effects; the majority are bad, such as inflicting ailments on your characters, destroying the base panel, and Game Over. Thankfully, the Dark Sun can be destroyed by launching characters at it (sacrificing them). You can do this with a unit by selecting "Ascend" on the command menu, although it typically requires several characters, depending on their strength. Once destroyed, the Dark Sun will no longer interfere with the battle for that stage. Be careful; if you sacrifice a character with a Felony Stamp, all enemies on the stage will level up equal to the number on the sacrificed character's Felony Stamp (max = 99).

Before entering Dark World, you must find a series of invisible hidden switches scattered throughout Holt Village. These switches are found in the following locations:

  • Behind the Dark Secretary, on a knocked down pillar
  • On the bottom corner of the map in a small open plot of grass next to a tree
  • In back of Adell's home
  • In back of Zommie III's home
  • In a break in the side wall near the Marionette and the Petit Orc

Alternately, there are also 5 buttons in Axel's story mode located in these locations (They will not appear if you hit the buttons in Adell's story mode):

  • On the front side of Axel's house behind the blue poles
  • On the antenna on the yellow section of the roof
  • On the box on the side of the house opposite the stores
  • On the flowerbox on the side of the house near the shops
  • On the edge of the map, behind the property owner where it curves toward the Director

Once you hit all the buttons, you will receive a message that says "An eerie shadow lurks over Holt Village/Axel's House". Proceed to where you found the button inside the plot of grass and you find a pitch black, level 100 Dimension Guide named Friday MKII under the tree. (She will be on top of Axel's house in Axel's story) Talk to Friday MKII three times to fight her. Once she is defeated, the path to the dark world is opened. Friday MKII will appear next to Friday the other Dimension Guide, and she will be able to send you to the Dark World stages.

To unlock each Dark World stage, you must complete a requirement in each normal stage. These requirements vary and some are only attainable after completing the stage once before. Also, some stages warp you into the Dark World once you complete the requirement (they don't give you a choice), so if you're unsure what will happen on a particular Dark World stage, make sure you save before you try to fulfill the requirement.

Stage Number Requirement Warp to Dark World?
1-1 Default No
1-2 Finish the stage without taking damage No
1-3 Take damage from an enemy Yes
1-4 Kill a Green Skull. (Your own or the enemy on the stage) Yes
2-1 Clear the stage in two turns No
2-2 Clear the stage in the first turn No
2-3 Complete the stage without moving more than eight panels No
2-4 Make a tower of at least two characters in height Yes
3-1 Wait 11 or more turns Yes
3-2 Destroy a Geo stone Yes
3-3 Create a tower of at least five characters in height Yes
3-4 Do not throw No
4-1 Destroy all Geo Panels Yes
4-2 Combine five enemies No
4-3 Combine all enemies Yes
4-4 Allow 30 turns to pass Yes
5-1 Allow an ally to be killed Yes
5-2 Clear the stage with five characters or less No
5-3 Make a tower of eight character in height Yes
5-4 Kill all enemies using tower attacks No
6-1 Make a tower of ten people in height Yes
6-2 Clear the stage with seven characters or less No
6-3 Combine all enemies No
6-4 Clear the stage by using one attack No
7-1 Destroy all Geo panels Yes
7-2 Clear the stage without taking damage No
7-3 Merge an Enemy by Throwing it onto another Enemy held by another Character Yes
8-1 Destroy all Geo panels in a chain Yes
8-2 Destroy the “No Entry” geo stone Yes
8-3 Kill all enemies using normal attacks No
8-4 Clear the stage without taking damage No
8-5 Build the bonus gauge above four No
8-6 Throw an enemy onto ally that is holding another character Yes
9-1 Move to a height of 64 DM Yes
9-2 Clear the stage by moving eleven panels or less No
9-3 Build the bonus gauge up to two No
9-4 Move a character on top of the center serpent (82 DM) Yes
10-1 Combine all enemies No
10-2 Destroy all geo panels Yes
10-3 deal more than 500 total damage to a single enemy No
10-4 Build the bonus gauge up to three Yes
11-1 Clear the stage without taking damage No
11-2 Do not destroy any geo panels No
11-3 Deal more than 1,000 total damage to a single enemy Yes
11-4 Clear the stage with less than four characters No
11-5 Clear the Stage with only using normal attacks No
11-6 Clear the stage without taking damage No
11-7 Clear the stage with only using tower attacks No
12-1 combine all enemies Yes
12-2 Do not destroy any geo panels No
12-3 Create a nine person tower Yes
12-4 Create a three person tower Yes
12-5 Clear the Stage with only one character No
12-6 Deal more than 2,000 total damage to a single enemy Yes
13-1 Clear the stage without taking damage No
13-2 Deal more than 2,500 total damage to a single enemy Yes
13-3 Destroy all geo panels Yes
13-4 Deal more than 3,000 total damage to a single enemy Yes

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